Diplomats and other civil servants with their registered office:

Within Koreas

Bern, Fritz Heinrich
1903-1910 - Auxiliary clerk at the German consulate in Seoul.
1910-1914 - Secretary at the German consulate in Seoul.

Brinckmeier, Robert Hans Carl       (See category: "Germans in Korean service")
1886-1888 - Officer on Korean steamers.
1889-1897 - Customs officer in Chemulpo.
05/03/1897 - 1910  Clerk in the German consulate in Seoul.

Budler, Hermann
24/06/1884 - Arrival in Chemulpo with the character as Vice Consul.
14/10/1884 - Consul General Otto Zembsch arrives in Seoul and takes over the business. Budler has been repeatedly appointed to head the consulate in Seoul.
11/08/1885 - 17/05/1886  Head of the consulate in Seoul.

Claassen, H.     (See category: "Germans in Korean service")
Came to Korea in the wake of Paul Georg von Möllendorff in the spring of 1883 or a short time later to work in the Korean customs service. After Möllendorff left Korea, another four Germans were also released from the customs service. Claassen is one of them. However, from late 1885 to 1887, he assumed the post of guard of the German consulate in Seoul.

Claer, Alexander Karl August von
04/03/1904 - 05/1905  A few weeks after the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War in February 1904, Major von Claer was appointed the first German military representative in Seoul while maintaining his position as Military Attaché in China.
25/11/1906 - 27/11/1906  For a fact-finding trip again for a few days in Korea.

Domke, Max Julius
01/05/1885 - 30/06/1885  Usher in the German consulate in Seoul.
01/07/1885 - 14/11/1894  Clerk in the German consulate in Seoul.

Kalitzky, Friedrich August
17.12.1894 - 10.02.1897  Clerk in the German consulate in Seoul.
After leaving the consulate, Kalitzky continues to live in Korea with his wife Emily.

Kempermann, Peter Franz
06/01/1886 - Appointed Consul General in Seoul.
17/05/1886 - Takeover of business in Seoul from Vice Consul Hermann Budler . This makes Kempermann the first German consul to reside permanently in Seoul.
22/05/1887 - Handover of the Seoul consulate to the interpreter of the German legation in Tokyo, Ferdinand Krien.

Krien, Ferdinand
May   1887 - As interpreter of the German legation in Tokyo commissioned to represent the consulate in Seoul.
22/05/1887 - Consul Peter Kempermann takes over the business in Seoul.
27/04/1889 - Appointed consul in Seoul.
05/12/1898 - Business is handed over to Vice Consul Felix Reinsdorf.

Krüger, Friedrich
26/11/1906 - Appointed Consul General in Seoul.
06/06/1907 - Takeover of the consular business from Vice Consul Dr. Gottfried Ney.
1914 - The American Consul General in Seoul is entrusted with the protection of German interests in occupied Korea.
26/08/1914 - Dr. Krüger handed over the business to his American colleague and together with the staff of the German consulate general traveled from Seoul to Japan .

Ney, Gottfried
21/04/1904 - Appointed Vice Consul to the German legation in Seoul.
05/05/1904 - Arrival in Seoul.
04/12/1905 - After the departure of Minister Resident Conrad von Saldern, the business in Seoul is taken over by Ney.
01/04/1906 - In charge of the administration of a consulate general in Seoul. Simultaneous protection of Austria-Hungarian interests.
06/06/1907 - Handover of the business to Consul General Dr. Friedrich Krüger.
26/07/1907 - Departure from Korea.

Reinsdorf, Ludwig Wilhelm Felix
09.08.1885 - 07/10/1885  Representation of Vice Consul Hermann Budler in Seoul.
Sep.   1887 - Transferred to the consulate in Seoul as an interpreter.
05/10/1887 - Arrival in Seoul.
05/02/1892 - 24/04/1896  Worked as Vice Consul in Seoul.
24/04/1896 - 15/07/1898  Return to Seoul to represent Consul Krien.
05/12/1898 - 01/04/1900  Takeover of the business in Seoul instead of Consul Krien.
01/04/1900 - Transfer of official business to Dr. Heinrich Weipert.

Saldern, Conrad Adam Leopold von
09/01/1903 - Ordered to the court of the Emperor of Korea as an extraordinary Minister Residential and at the same time entrusted with the administration of the German consulate in Seoul.
31/03/1903 - Appointed Minister Resident to Seoul.
24/04/1903 - Arrival in Seoul.
25/04/1903 - Takeover of the business from Dr. Heinrich Weipert. (Conrad von Saldern is the first and also the last German representative with a rank of Minister Resident in Korea.)
04/12/1905 - Handing over of the consular business to Vice Consul Dr. Gottfried Ney.
19/12/1905 - Departure from Korea.

Schmidt, C. H.
Employed as the first constable at the German consulate in Chemulpo probably from late 1884 to 1885.

Weipert, Heinrich
06/01/1900 - Ordered to manage the consulate in Seoul.
01/04/1900 - Takeover of business in Seoul from Consul Felix Reinsdorf.
29/09/1900 - Awarded the character as consul for Korea.
25/04/1903 - Handover of business in Seoul to Minister Resident Conrad von Saldern.

Wendschuch, Gustav Horst Fritz
18/07/1908 - 05.1909  Vice Consul Wendschuch takes over the business in Seoul for Consul General Friedrich Krüger on leave.

Zembsch, Otto Gustav
09/10/1884 - 11/08/1885  As the first consul of the German Reich, Zembsch takes care of German interests in Korea.
11/08/1885 - The business is handed over to Vice Consul Hermann Budler.