Family members

Baumann, Elise
Born Vincart, daughter of the Belgian Consul General in Seoul Léon Vincart, married the merchant and partner of the German company Meyer & Co. Paul Friedrich Baumann on 7th October 1905 in Seoul.

Baumann, Miss
Sister of Paul Friedrich Baumann, took part in her brother's wedding to Elise Vincart on 7th October 1905 in Seoul.

Brinckmeier, Hatsu
Japanese wife of Robert Hans Carl Brinckmeier. She died in Incheon in 1937.

Brinckmeier, Theresa
Daughter of Robert and Hatsu Brinckmeier.

Eckert, Mathilde
Born Huch, wife of music director Franz Eckert. She returned to Germany in 1920 accompanied by Johannes Bolljahn. Mathilde and Franz Eckert had six children:

  1. Amalie
  2. Franz
  3. Anna-Irene
  4. Karl
  5. Georg
  6. Elisabeth

Wife of Vice Admiral Richard Geißler, visited Korea in July 1903 by accompanying Admiral Friedrich Graf von Baudissin.

Gorschalki, Ida Wilhelmine
Wife of the German merchant in Seoul Albert Friedrich Gorschalki. After her husband's death, she returned to Germany and, on 15th September 1922, married the former director of the German language school in Seoul, Johannes Bolljahn.

Gottsche, Bertha Emilie
Born Peters, wife of Prof. Dr. Carl Christian Gottsche, accompanied her husband on his journey from Japan to Korea in August 1883.

Henkel, H.
Portuguese from Macao, born dos Remedios, wife of the German businessman Hermann Henkel.

Japanese wife of Otto F. E. Henschel.

Kalitzky, Emily
Wife of the clerk at the German consulate in Seoul, Friedrich August Kalitzky.

The Kochem couple visited Seoul in May 1902.

Wife of Friedrich Kraus, the director of the new Korean mint.

Krüger, Dorothea
Née von Bardeleben, since 15th September 1896 wife of Consul General Dr. Friedrich Krüger.

Lührs, Dora
Born Boeddinghaus, wife of the German merchant Carl Otto Lührs since 1899. Together they had three children:

  1. Erna
  2. Marta
  3. Marie

Wife of August Maertens, director of the "Korean Silk Association" from late 1884 to May 1889. From 1887 to 1890, Ms. Maertens was listed as the only German woman in Chemulpo.

Mensing, Paul Otto Franz
Captain of the "Hamburg-Amerikanische-Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG)" from Canton, China, married the third daughter of Franz Eckert, Elisabeth, on 28th December 1907 in Seoul. Together they had two children:

  1. Annaliese
  2. Hans

Möllendorff, Elisabeth Johanna von
Sister of Paul Georg von Möllendorff, travelled to Korea in the company of Rosalie von Möllendorff in autumn 1883.

Möllendorff, Emma von
Daughter of Paul Georg von Möllendorff, accompanied her mother, Rosalie von Möllendorff, and Oskar von Seckendorff Gutend, whom she married in 1903, in December 1902 on a visit to Korea.

Möllendorff, Rosalie von
Wife of Paul Georg von Möllendorff. After spending the period from autumn 1883 to 5th December 1885 with her husband in Seoul, she returned to Korea in December 1902. On her journey she was accompanied by Lieutenant Oskar von Seckendorf-Gutend and her daughter Emma. However, her stay is short-lived and limited to Chemulpo and Seoul.

Wife of Ferdinand Heinrich Mörsel.

Mörsel, Miss
Daughter of Ferdinand Heinrich Mörsel, married on 14th September 1896 in Seoul Mr. Hopkins, an employee in the Korean sea customs service in Chemulpo.

Müller, Marga
Born Diertenbach, wife of Vice Consul Max Müller in Shanghai, accompanied her husband on a vacation trip to Korea, Manchuria and northern China in October 1908.

Prittwitz und Gaffron, Ella Louise von
Divorcee named Limburg, née Kästner, accompanied her husband, the legation secretary at the German legation in Beijing, Wilhem von Prittwitz and Gaffron, on a vacation trip to Korea in September and October 1899.

Schirbaum, Ishi
Japanese, born Iwanaga, since 10th November 1911 wife of the German merchant and partner of the German trading house Meyer, respectively Wolter & Co. Paul Schirbaum. Together they had five children:

  1. Iki Johanna
  2. Fuji Susanna
  3. Gottfried
  4. Lotte
  5. Hermann

Waeber, Eugénie
From Estonia in the Baltic States, distant relative of Antoinette Sontagand wife of the Russian chargé d'affaires and consul general Carl Iwanowitsch Waeber, accompanied her husband to Korea in October 1885.

Wolter, Jane Erving Hannay
A native of Scottland, born Johnston, since 1895 wife of Carl Andreas Wolter, German businessman, partner of the E. Meyer & Co., and later owner of the company C. Wolter & Co. in Chemulpo. The Wolter family returned to Germany in 1908. Together they had eight children:

  1. Jean Clara Johnston (twin)
  2. Marion Pauline Harriet (twin)
  3. Clara Rosalinde
  4. James Carl
  5. Elsa Alice
  6. Carl Constantine Anton
  7. Gladys Ida
  8. Ada Maud

Zabel, Bertha Magdalena
Née Faerber, accompanied her husband Rudolf Zabel from Europe on a trip to East Asia in 1904, which also took them to Korea via Japan.