Other Nationalities

The following information is limited to:
Name, country of origin, occupation & arrival time in Korea
as far as they are known!

Appenzeller, Henry Gerhard
American Methodist and missionary, arrives in Korea in April 1885 to introduce Protestantism. In 1902, Appenzeller traveled by ship to the southern port city of Mokpo and died trying to save a Korean girl from drowning at sea.

Becker, Alois Johann Heinrich Ritter von
Austro-Hungarian captain, travelled to Seoul in June 1892 as chargé d'affaires on 3rd October 1893 to ratify his country's treaty with Korea.

Bekofsky, Vladimir S.
Born on July 15, 1845 in Arkhangelsk, Russia, accompanied Paul Georg von Möllendorff to Korea in the spring of 1883 to work in the maritime customs service. At the beginning of 1887, Bekofsky left Korea with his wife and immigrated to America, New York.

Bergen, Robert van
Journalist, visited the Korean capital for an American magazine in October 1894.

Biegeleben, Rüdiger Baron von
Austria-Hungarian Minister Resident in Japan, signed as an extraordinary envoy his country's friendship and trade agreement with Korea on 23rd June 1892 in Seoul.

Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Hieronymus Graf von
Austria-Hungarian lieutenant, between 1904 and 1907 as a navy attaché in Tokyo, payed a visit to Korea in June 1904.

Fischer, Emil S.
Austrian scientist, travelled to Korea several times, probably for the first time in 1894.

Fridelli, Ehrenbert Xavier  [Ernbert Xaver]
Austrian, as a member of the Jesuit order working in Beijing, China. During a trip for cartographic purposes in 1709, he reached the Tumen and stepped onto Korean territory.

Ginsburg, M. A.
US (?), GB (?), reached the Korean capital on 17th August 1896.

Guthapfel, Minerva L.
American missionary. In October 1904, "The Korea Review", vol. 4, pp. 461f published a list announcing the date of the European & American women's 'Lady's Day'. Miss Guthapfel was one of them.

Haas, Josef
Austrian Vice Consul in Shanghai since 1879, spent his one-year vacation in Korea from 1883 to 1884 to assist Paul Georg von Möllendorff in establishing a Korean customs system. In doing so, Haas was also an authorized agent for Korean trade in the sea customs service in Chemulpo.

Hahn, David E.
American dentist, settled in Seoul in 1907.

Haus, Anton
Austrian, commander of HMS Kaiserin Maria Theresia, was received in audience by Emperor Gojong on 2nd September 1901 in Seoul.

Hesse-Wartegg, Ernst von
Known Austrian globetrotter and travel writer, took a trip from Japan to neighboring Korea, where he spent a few days in the spring of 1894.

Hofmann, Amerigo
Austrian forestry scientist from Vienna and professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, visited Korea for a few days in May 1906.

Austrian, bought a piece of land in Pusan at the end of 1901.

Huber, Max
Swiss, reached Korea on a scientific trip around the world in September 1901 and spent 11 days mainly in Seoul.

Jacobsen, Johan Adrian
Norwegian captain and explorer. At the beginning of March 1885, he left Siberia for a trip that mainly served an ethnological collection. For this purpose, from 9th to 11th March, he visited Korean villages in the Russian region near the Amur. He reached Wonsan on 22nd April 1885 and Pusan on 24th April.

Kehrberg, Paul de [Pavel Genrikhovich Kerberg]
Russian, 1894 to 1909 secretary and interpreter in the Russian legation in Seoul.

Krebbs, C.
US (?), GB (?), came to Korea in the company of Paul Georg von Möllendorff in early May 1883 to work in Chemulpo in the Korean customs service.

Austrian merchant in China, fled to Korea in 1899 when his company went bankrupt.

Montecuccoli, Graf Rudolf von
Austria-Hungarian Admiral on HMS Empress Maria Theresia, was received in audience by Emperor Gojong in Seoul on 5th May 1901.

Petersen, Brede
Norwegian, captain of the Korean steamer "Hai Riong", documented living in Chemulpo from 1889 until 1890.

Austrian-Hungarian consul in Shanghai, had an audience with Emperor Gojong in Seoul on 2nd September 1901.

Posthumus, O.
Dutch harbor master in Pusan in 1886. Died in Hong Kong in 1892 from dysentery.

Rautenfeld, Paul Heinrich August Berens von
Ethnologist from Latvia in the Baltic States, customs director in Chinese services, came from Beijing to Seoul on 5th April 1896 to work in the Korean customs service for some time.

Rosenbaum, Joseph
German-American, started a project in July 1884 at the behest of Paul Georg von Möllendorff to manufacture glass out of the sand of the Han river, but this endeavor failed.

Rosenbaum, Siegmund
Austrian, travelled from China to Korea and is employed in the Korean Maritime Customs Service from 1883 to 1886 as an assistant to the customs commissioner in Wonsan. He then returns to China, where he resumes his employment in the Chinese customs service.

Schmidt, J. P.
Russian private lecturer in St. Petersburg, undertook a trip along the east coast of Korea, the coasts of Japan, and Sakhalin in 1900 and 1901 to investigate fishing conditions. On this expedition, he reached Wonsan on 29th May 1900. From there, he travelled to the Diamond Mountains and reached Seoul in December. The expedition continued from Chemulpo to Japan, where Schmidt explored the coastal fauna.

Speyer, Alexis de   [Alexei Nikolajewitsch Schpejer, russ: Алексей Николаевич Шпейер]
Secretary first-class at the Russian embassy, 1896 to 1897 chargé d'affaires in Seoul.

Stein, Evgenii Fedorovich
Russian, 1898-1899 interpreter at the Russian Legation in Seoul.

Steinbeck, J.
Austrian, started a trading business in Chemulpo at the beginning of 1884.

Vaya und Luskod, Peter Graf Vay von
Protonotary apostolic from Austria-Hungary, was received by Emperor Gojong in November 1902 in Seoul and stayed in Korea for a few months.

Vos, Hubert
Dutch-American artist (painter) in Seoul. Prince Heinrich of Prussia paid him a visit in June 1899.

Voss, de
Russian doctor in Seoul. In 1904, Richard Wunsch had the opportunity to meet him several times.

Waeber, Carl Friedrich Theodor von    [Carl Iwanowitsch Waeber, russ: Карл Фридрих Теодор]
Russian representative, due to treaty negotiations in 1884 for the first time in Korea. 1885 until 1896 Russian consul general and chargé d'affaires in Seoul.