Adventurers, Travellers & Writers

Abegg, Curt Wilhelm Waldemar
Administrative lawyer and amateur photographer, sets off from Berlin on 14th April 1905 for a 1 1/2 year trip around the world, which took him to North America, Canada, Japan, Korea (1906), China, Indonesia, India and Cylon.

Berger, Arthur
Dr. med., passionate hunter and globetrotter, started a world tour from Berlin on 21st October 1902, which also led him to Korea in the spring of 1903.

Brass, Emil
Travelled from China to Korea where he stayed from early September to mid-October 1891.

Brunhuber, Robert
Journalist, newspaper expert, Asian researcher and lecturer from Cologne. One of his numerous trips to the Far East also took him to Korea in 1907, where he stayed in April and May. In January 1909, Brunhuber and his companion Karl Schmitz were murdered by a Lissu tribe on a research trip in the Chinese-Tibetan border area at the headwaters of the Salween river.

Ehlers, Otto Ehrenfried
Research traveller and writer. Coming from China, Ehlers arrived in Chemulpo on 15th October 1892 and travelled the Korean peninsula until early November. Ehlers was shot by his companions when he tried to cross New Guinea in 1895.

Genthe, Carl Siegfried
Travell writer and correspondent for the "Kölnische Zeitung", made extensive trips to the Korean peninsula in the summer of 1901. In an adventurous way, he was the first foreigner to climb the summit of Halla-san mountain on the island of Jeju-do. On 8th March 1904, Genthe was murdered near Fes, Morocco.

Gottberg, Otto Bogislav von
Correspondent and writer, during the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 as a war correspondent for several German newspapers in Korea.

Klocke, Eduard
Editor and hobby ornithologist, made a trip from Japan along the coast of Korea in the middle of 1904 and also visited Seoul and Pyeongyang for a short time. In May 1905, he visited Korea a second time.

Krieger, Maximilian
Employee of the German governement in Tsingtao, visited Seoul for a few days in June 1903.

Lehmann, Ewald
Dr. jur., judge advocate at the judicial administration of the Tsingtao governorate, travelled to Korea on a vacation trip in the spring of 1907 and stayed at Miss Antoinette Sontag's pension in Seoul for a few days.

Lucius von Ballhausen, Otto Johann Sigismund Freiherr von
Wrote a travelogue under the pseudonym "Globetrott" with the title "At 19th century's last days in Japan, China and Java" (in German). On the way from Japan to China, his ship called at the port of Pusan, and he visited briefly both, the port city and Korea's capital Seoul.

Magnus, Friedrich
Magnus took his first trip to Korea in 1891, visiting Chemulpo and Seoul. In 1902 he traveled to the same cities a second time.

Oppert, Ernst Jacob
Merchant from Hamburg living in Shanghai, made two unsuccessful attempts in 1866 to establish a trade relationship with Korea. A third expedition, which is more of a 'robbery' than a trade trip, was undertaken by Oppert in April 1868. He published his Korean adventures in English under the title "A Forbidden Land", published in London in 1879, and as well in German: "Ein verschlossenes Land", Leipzig 1880.

Paske, J. [Pseudonym]
For more information see:: Johannes Bolljahn.

Pickenbach, Hermann
Manufacturer from Berlin, travel companion of Prof. Dr. Philipp Bockenheimer, started on a trip to Asia from Genoa on 5th January 1908, which took him via China and Manchuria to the northern border of Korea. In mid-May 1908, they crossed the Yalu, payed a visit to the capital and on 27th May travelled from Pusan to Japan.

Richthofen-Seichau, Wilhelm Karl Eugen Samuel Ulrich Graf von
Estate owner and travel writer, travelled from Beijing to Seoul in June 1900 and stayed in the Korean capital for a few days.

Roth, J.
Captain retd. and globetrotter, travel companion of Dr. med. Arthur Berger, whom he joined on his world tour in America, which also took them to Korea in the spring of 1903.

Schanz, Moritz
Merchant from Chemnitz, hobby traveller, sets off from Germany for a one-year trip to Asia at the end of October 1894. From late June to early July 1895, he visited various cities in Korea. As a representative of the Saxon industry with a trade commission (category: "Others" - 'German trade commission') again in 1897 in East Asia, he (presumably) entered Korean soil in Chemulpo and Seoul at the end of 1897 for the second time.

Sussmann, August
Councilor of Commerce and hobby ethnologist from Leipzig, embarked on a journey across Russia to East Asia at the end of August 1906 to collect folk costumes, which also led him to Korea at the end of 1906.

Wertheimer, Fritz
Political scientist, journalist and travel writer, made a journey to Korea at the end of 1909 and extensively visited the country's capital.

Comes to Korea from Tsingtao in March 1905 and visited Chemulpo and Seoul for a few days.

Zabel, Carl Hugo Rudolf
Writer and research traveler, went on a honeymoon to Korea with his young wife in 1904.